Why Create Your Own Advertising Network?

Control Your Advertising Costs

With search engine advertising costs skyrocketing due to increased competition for those users savvy internet marketers will need to find alternative methods for advertising to the masses. Craig introduces a novel method to control your own advertising inventory. Instead of just buying a click, why not buy a user? With PPC campaigns you are simply buying a targeted click that you have to achieve a positive ROI immediately. Your campaigns costs start to put increased pressure on your ads performance. We suggest that you acquire users rather than clicks that you can market to indefinitely or until they are no longer using the platform.
Acquiring new users can range from sub dollar ranges ($0.15) depending on country to as high as $1 or more. However with PPC prices about the same why not get a user rather than a click? Craig is providing the software platform you need to acquire new users and market to them for MONTHS instead of seconds.

Why Choose us?

  • Works on the network layer so all popular browsers will work.
  • Say goodbye to browser extensions and app store policies.
  • Comes with a admin side control panel to control all the marketing campaigns.
  • Custom Desktop Messages
  • Full Branding and Control
  • Dedicated Support

Starter Level
  • One Admin Panel
  • One Client EXE
  • No Install Restrictions
  • $135 /month for Support & Updates
Business Level
  • Multiple Admin Panel
  • Multiple Client EXE
  • No Install Restrictions
  • $235 /month for Support & Updates